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Diese Seite beschreibt das Editionsprojekt "Erstellung einer kritischen Edition der Johannesapokalypse" und begleitet und dokumentiert seinen Fortschritt. 

This is a site devoted to communicate an editorial project "A critical edition of John's Apocalypse". Here we document its progress.


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Final Transcription of Apoc 104

One small step for textual criticism, but one giant leap for the ISBTF: The Wuppertal research team published the first final transcription of a selected manuscript for the ECM of Revelation:

  • Item: GA 104.
  • Type Rev: Family 104, a mixture of Andrew and Koine type.
  • Special features of the transcription: All outline features like initials and the complete interpunction are transcribed.
  • Particularity of the manuscript: A corrector worked through the entire Apocalypse text and deleted the Ny ephelkystika of the frist hand, where they are seemingly superfluous.

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James colleen
Posted on 8/8/21 2:41 PM.