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Diese Seite beschreibt das Editionsprojekt "Erstellung einer kritischen Edition der Johannesapokalypse" und begleitet und dokumentiert seinen Fortschritt. 

This is a site devoted to communicate an editorial project "A critical edition of John's Apocalypse". Here we document its progress.


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Studien zum Text der Apokalypse III

We are happy to announce the next volume of studies concerning the text and transmission of Revelation. It represents major research results from the ISBTF staff and associates in preparation of the ECM of Revelation. The essay collection “Studien III” edited by Marcus Sigismund and Darius Müller together with Matthias Geigenfeind is now available from De Gruyter and can be found at select bookstores. The volume consists of four parts: 1) Progress report of the Project, 2) Greek transmission, 3) Versions (Latin, Ethiopic, Georgian, Arabic, Slavonic), and 4) an edition of the marginal glosses of GA 2323 concerning the text of Revelation. We hope this offers a bit of easy reading amid the corona crisis and sweetens your time working from home. Have fun reading it! Positive reviews are welcome wink.

Studien zum Text der Apokalypse II

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming book Studien zum Text der Apokalypse II (ANTF 50) edited by Marcus Sigismund and Darius Müller. Here is not enough space to mention all of its content wink, but I would like to remark some highlights:

  • Two reports about the ongoing work on the ECM of Revelation
  • Edition of the Syriac version of Revelation by Martin Heide
  • Small edition of the Coptic text by Christian Askeland
  • Various articles dealing with the text, transmission, and reception of the Apocalypse.

The book will be published soon (July 2017) - it is a perfect beach reading matter!

TuT of Revelation

This is just a little announcement of an extensive volume which will be published soon.

The "Text and Textwert" volume of Revelation is on the way to the printing presses by De Gruyter (ANTF 49).

It will be edited by Markus Lembke, Darius Müller, and Ulrich B. Schmid in connection with Martin Karrer (head of the ECM project of Revelation housed at ISBTF, KiHo Wuppertal/Bethel).

The volume contains both the collation results of the 123 selected test passages of Revelation and the evaluation list of all available Greek manuscripts. Facilities also include a comprehensive introduction in German and Englisch (English translation was done by Garrick V. Allen) as well as six appendices which offer useful additional information to the material.


Update: Available Transcriptions of Revelation

The ECM Project of Revelation goes on well and has recently published several transcriptions: In sum, the following eight transcriptions of minuscule manuscripts are available:

  • GA 91
  • GA 93
  • GA 104
  • GA 250
  • GA 1732
  • GA 1773
  • GA 2329
  • GA 2351

There are also accessible transcriptions of three fragments: GA 886, GA 2855, GA 2924.

Outlook: Two more manuscripts are in the pipeline and will be published in the next few days: GA 1888, GA 2019

Final Transcription of Apoc 104

One small step for textual criticism, but one giant leap for the ISBTF: The Wuppertal research team published the first final transcription of a selected manuscript for the ECM of Revelation:

  • Item: GA 104.
  • Type Rev: Family 104, a mixture of Andrew and Koine type.
  • Special features of the transcription: All outline features like initials and the complete interpunction are transcribed.
  • Particularity of the manuscript: A corrector worked through the entire Apocalypse text and deleted the Ny ephelkystika of the frist hand, where they are seemingly superfluous.

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